3 Creative Small Kitchen Design for Bigger Space

Many people dream of having a big kitchen even though there are some exclusive small kitchen advantages. A tiny kitchen is usually tidier and more organized since the big one typically gives the urge to fill up the spaces all around the pantry kitchen, which makes it overcrowded. It is also easier to reach every kitchen utensil you need in a smaller kitchen. Besides, you can always apply these 3 creative small kitchen design ideas to make your pint-size kitchen more spacious.

1. Maximize Kitchen Storages
You can always add extra kitchen storages when there are empty spots in your small kitchen layout. Build your own pull-out shelf to fill in a narrow empty nook. Mount floating shelf on empty walls, you can also hang your kitchen appliances here with hooks. Install industrial pot rack in the ceiling to hang your bulky pots and pans to save up spaces. Lastly, consider floor to ceiling cabinetry to optimize kitchen storages for your small kitchen design.

A simple hanging rack for storage various types of pans on the dining table for your home’s small kitchen

A simple small kitchen with a wooden dining table and a shelf beside it to storage the bowl to make it easier for you to store cooking tools

the best kitchen rack ideas with neatly arranged pot lids for your small kitchen

dish storage rack in small kitchen with a table made of wood makes kitchen utensils neater

incredible hanging rack kitchen decor ideas with various kinds of pans to inspire the storage of your kitchen equipment

A neat kitchen rack with various types of cooking tools to make it easy to store it in the small kitchen of your home

A stunning small house kitchen design idea with floating shelf On the wall to storage various kinds of bowls neatly arranged

2. Brighter Wall
With all extra kitchen storages added, the kitchen might feel cramped. When this happens, you need to brighten up the room to refresh the mood with a brighter colour. A coat of white paint is helpful in this situation since whiter means brighter. Like the white paint, reflective or glossy paint also makes the room feel more spacious for the small kitchen design.

A beautiful small kitchen with white wall paint looks brighter to refresh the atmosphere

A creative small kitchen decorations with beautiful lamps and white paint make the walls brighter

A small kitchen solutions with the same paint between shelf and kitchen wall make the atmosphere brighter

A stunning windows and roofs made of glass combined with white color paint make the walls brighter kitchen

A beautiful floating cooking utensils and a multilevel table with a coat of white paint make your small kitchen wall brighter

A modern kitchen space with white color paint walls with a glossy wood patterned floor base makes the room feel more spacious and bright

3. Floating Table and Folding Chair
When you don’t have enough room for a conventional dining table set, it is better to opt for a floating table and folding chair. Mount the floating table according to your needs at the height of either a regular table or a counter bar. For the folding chair, you can also mount it on the wall or store it in other rooms when you are not using it. With this small kitchen design tip, you will always have extra spaces when you are not dining. You can utilize the space for extra kitchen storages.

A simple floating table with a small flower on it for your kitchen that doesn’t have enough space

A stunning floating table and folding chair black in small kitchen can store in another room when not using it again

A floating table made of round wood with a chair beside it to eat together your family

A floating table and a beautiful folding chair with glass and a lamp on it for dinner with family

A bright little kitchen with floating table and folding chair for a comfortable atmosphere with the family

A beautiful flowers hang on window with a floating table with flowers on it and a black folding chair for your home’s small kitchen

A simple floating table the long one and folding chair with with a bowl of fruit on it and bright lights in the in your small kitchen room

So, which one do you prefer? A big overcrowded kitchen or a small but functional kitchen? If you chose a compact kitchen, don’t forget these creative small kitchen design to optimize the space.

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